For the past 25 years, Interings has etched its place on the jeweler industry in and out of USA. Starting as a one man operation business in 1981, the company has grown and now deals with major jewelers and many retailers in and out of the United States. Aside from its humble beginnings, Interings Inc. is one of the very first Indian owned company to succeed in manufacturing and selling jewelry to retailers.

Starting from a small line of diamond earring and pendants, Interings now sells a full line of fine jewelry ranging from bracelets and bangles, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings. They produce pieces that are with class and with lots of color. The pieces come either in gold or platinum and are bedecked with the top quality diamonds and gemstones.

Aside from the basic line of jewelries, Interings recently added their Shimmer Collection. West Essex Jewelers is proud to introduce The Shimmer Collection to our customers in and around the West Caldwell, NJ area. The Shimmer Collection by Interings revolves on the fact that the most beautiful diamonds must dazzle and shimmer the most, a diamond without shimmer is a diamond lost. This collection of diamond jewelry has a non-stop shimmer on it. The shimmer is achieved by a unique design where the center diamond is specially set to move freely. The slight movement made by the center stone allows the piece to capture and reflect light in almost every angle which in turn results to a dazzling display of endless shimmer. Made with the fine make diamonds, this collection of earrings, pendants and rings is a magnificent masterpiece.

True to their name Interings, derived from an amalgamation of “international” and “rings”, surpassed its humble beginnings and is now serving not only the US but other countries as well. With their top quality designs and colorful and classsy pieces, Interings has future plans for expanding their jewelry business to guild stores. We here at West Essex Jewelers located in West Caldwell, NJ are proud to bring Interings to our customers! Please stop in the store or email us learn more about The Shimmer Collection! We can’t wait to see you!